Seven pages of simple to follow Directions including a material list are only one part of the Connecticut Deck Kit. Below is an example which explains flashing installation. Use it along with our Construction Plans, Figures, and Master Carpenter.

Example of Directions for installation of flashing
The following Directions are given as a sample of one phase of the construction process.
Our complete set of Directions will guide you through every detail of the process.

Note: Gloves are recommended when handling flashing.
Cut aluminum flashing in half to create two pieces of the same length. (Flashing can be handled more easily in shorter lengths, especially if you are working alone.) Bend each piece of flashing in half along its length at a 90 degree angle. Slide one piece of flashing between siding and sheathing on house at the top of the area where the siding has been cut out. Push flashing tightly up against the bottom of the siding. At this time, one section of the flashing will be between the siding and sheathing against the house and the other section will be sticking out from the house above the future deck. Follow the same procedure for the other piece of flashing making sure that flashing pieces overlap each other approximately six inches. Partially hammer 3 or 4 (12d) nails approximately 1 inch deep into sheathing under flashing (not into flashing) to temporarily hold flashing in this position. These nails must be removed before installing the House Box(HB). (see Fig. 2 & Side View Detail)

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