What is an Evergreen Deck System?

Evergreen Decks created a deck construction system designed for homeowners with beginner and intermediate deck carpentry skills. The deck system contains four complementary parts:

The Construction Plans are simply drawn and easy to understand deck plans that are supported by rest of the system. These deck plans can be copied and submitted to the appropriate agency in your town when applying for a building permit.

The Figures include seventeen multidimensional drawings of every important phase in the deck's construction, plus a unique copyrighted pattern for stairs any beginner can build.

The Directions for the deck and the stairs contain nine pages of little known carpentry techniques, and detailed instructions that refer to the Construction Plans and Figures.

While you are building your deck, a Master Carpenter from Evergreen Decks is available seven days a week to offer toll free construction support throughout the workday.

What you bring to the deck system


The ability to

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