Choosing A Deck That Is Right For You


Connecticut Deck Kits come in five sizes and prices to accommodate any family's life style and budget. Except for size, all the decks are identical for easy construction and economy.

12x12 12x16 12x20 14x16 14x20
$1828 $2404 $2980 $2788 $3460

Plus $75 per stair

Remember, a deck is an inexpensive opportunity to create more living space. Here are some factors that could help you choose the best Connecticut Deck Kit for your lifestyle. Select your site, and place string or rope around the perimeter of the deck size you prefer. Get a feel for the size, however, keep in mind that the deck layout may appear to be relatively smaller than a room of the same size because of its comparison to the great outdoors.

Consider the size of your family. Will your family primarily use the deck, or will you frequently entertain many friends?

What are the relative amounts of sun and shade at your site? Also, take into consideration the amount and arrangement of furniture on the deck, and activities such as cooking out.

The amount of time you have to devote to building the deck may affect the size you choose. A professional carpenter with a helper can build the 12 x 12 Connecticut Deck Kit in 2 to 4 days, and the 14 x 20 in 4 to 8 days. It is difficult, but possible, to build a 12 x 12 deck without help. It is extremely difficult to build a 14 x 20 deck without help. However, all Connecticut Deck Kits use the same easy to follow directions. Other variables that affect time include your skill level, soil type, topography, height of the deck, and accessibility to site.

An estimate of your savings by "doing it yourself" with a
Connecticut Deck Kit

The cost of hiring a contractor to build your deck varies between regions and seasons. For example, currently, a price of $20.00 to $30.00 per square foot for material and labor is the current price range in any region in Connecticut. That's a total of $2880 for the 12x12 deck and $8400 for the 14x20 deck. Our prefabricated Deck Kits, including a friendly carpenter who will help you start the deck, cost $1828 for a 12x12 and $3460 for a 14x20. That is equal to a total savings of $1052 for the 12x12 deck and $4940 for the 14x20 deck. Complete your deck with simple to install stairs that include precut stringers and treads. Call us or go to one of our exclusive Connecticut Deck Kit suppliers listed below.

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Evergreen Decks

How a Connecticut Deck Kit Works

1.   Order the Connecticut Deck Kit.

2.    Use the Plans enclosed in the Connecticut Deck Kit to apply for a building permit. If you need help, call our toll free number and we will guide you through the permit process.

3.   We'll help you get the deck started. After you obtain the permit, call our toll free number for a carpenter to come and get your deck started. We deliver the material, cut into the house siding, install the flashing, build and support the perimeter of the deck and attach it to the house, and layout the pier holes.

4.   Continue using our toll free number for support throughout the whole construction process.

5.    The "on site" help and toll free construction support is free.

6.    We absolutely guarantee that you will have all the knowledge and material to construct your deck.

Photos of completed Connecticut Deck Kits
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