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If you are into "do it yourself" projects you came to the right place-Read on!

Our prefabricated arsenic free "Do It Yourself" Connecticut Deck Kit will save you from
$1000 to $4000 on labor!

Evergreen's "Do It Yourself" Connecticut Deck Kit has proven to be the beginner's choice over and over again.

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Evergreen Decks is your construction partner because we deliver:

A Carpenter With Every Deck ®

Are you tired of looking at those deck plans and do it yourself deck books trying to figure out how to get started? If you can swing a hammer, you can build a deck with the unique Connecticut Deck Kit designed for the do it yourself homeowner with beginner and intermediate carpentry skills. For example, our modern system does away with complicated construction layout techniques involving batter boards, the 3-4-5-method of squaring, and lots of string. This alone will save a novice many valuable hours. Even those with advanced deck carpentry skills will be surprised at how quick and easy Connecticut Deck Kits go up. We guarantee that, using our system, you can build a deck you'll be proud of. Check below to learn more about our sturdy, easy to build, economical decks.

What is a Connecticut Deck Kit?

Evergreen Decks created a prefabricated deck construction system designed for homeowners with beginner and intermediate carpentry skills. The deck system contains five complementary parts:

·         Deck Material

·         Construction Plans

·         Figures

·         Directions

·         Master Carpenter


All the Pressure Treated Deck Material you will need to complete your deck, including precut parts such as joists and stringers, and partially assembled parts such as railings. (Composite decking also available).

The Construction Plans are approved by the Connecticut State Building Inspector. They are simply drawn and easy to understand deck plans that are supported by rest of the system. These deck plans can be copied and submitted to the appropriate agency in your town when applying for a building permit.

The Figures include twelve multidimensional drawings of every important phase in the deck's construction.

The Directions for the deck and the stairs contain nine pages of little known carpentry techniques, and detailed instructions that refer to the "Deck Material", "Construction Plans", and "Figures".

A Master Carpenter from Evergreen Decks delivers your material and helps you to start constructing the deck. In addition, while you are building your deck, toll free construction support is available throughout the workday.

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